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Chinese Astrology with Dr. Jin Peh; Level 2

Following Level 1, students are now able to identify and classify charts as Follow, Dominant or Competitive and then list the useful elements in the appropriate order. In Level 2, students will be introduced to more complex charts and will also be explained how to analyse the interactions between two separate charts. The following material will be covered:


1) Analysing the charts of couples looking at the interactions between their Four Pillars charts and Luck Cycles. Love triangles and those with multiple marriages will also be considered.
2) Comparing the charts of twins and those of different genders born on the same day.
2) The charts involving Birth, Peak and Grave Branches.
3) Charts with Heaven and Earth Combinations.
4) Charts with the String of 4 Stems or Branches.
5) Changing charts, with the changes within the charts or depending on the Luck Cycles.
6) Looking at the connection between Health and the Luck Cycles.
7) Classifying charts according to the Group of 10 Divisions.


Prerequisites: Chinesise Astrology with Dr. Jin Peh, Course 1
Date: 24.08.-28.08.2016 in Berlin/Potsdam
Fee: 900,00 € plus 19% VAT (an Early Bird Discount of 8 % on the stipulated fee will be granted in case of registration 4 weeks before the seminar)
Classes will be in English. German translation can be offered if necessary.



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