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5 day workshop face reading with Master Ajax Ho

Yin and Yang is the most basic concept in structuring the universe. We believe that because of the mixing of Yin and Yang, which produced chi and the form of all elements (i.e. water, fire, wood, metal and earth). These tangible and intangible forms built up the world that we have today, including our body and face.

  • Day 1: Basic Yin and Yang idea and the 5 elements
  • Day 2: Apply the 5 elements on face shape and its individual features
  • Day 3: Learn how to analyze the properties of face shape and all facial features and understand the inter-relationship of them
  • Day 4: Understand the meaning of the facial features via the shapes, color, displacement, sizes, and the softness of them
  • Day 5: Reading practice

Duration of the class: 5 days, 10:00 – 17:00 o’clock
Venue: Berlin-City. You will also receive a study book and a certificate
Date: 20.04.-24.04.2016
Fee: 539,90 Euro (early bird discount inclusive: 8% off up to 4 weeks before the training starts)


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