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I-Ching-Lecture with Grand Master Raymond Lo

Created on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 13:45
Last Updated on Monday, 25 January 2016 14:50
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History, origin of the trigrams and the I Ching. The meaning of trigrams and hexagrams. Different methods of divination – yarrow stalk, plum blossom oracle, three coins method. Procedures in I Ching divination. Understanding the chinese calendar. Labeling a hexagram. Interpretations of a hexagram. Key element, unfavourable element, void element, hidden element. Subject and object lines. Active lines. special topic – weather, traveller, lost items etc. (chinese astrology with Raymond Lo – Course 1 required)

Schedule: this course is a 2,5 day program
Requirements: Chinese Astrology with Raymond Lo – Course 1
Graduation: you receive a certificate
Lecturer: Grand Master Raymond Lo
Date: 13.09. (afternoon) – 15.09.2016 in Berlin/Potsdam
Price: 779,50 Euro with valued Tax and early bird discount (register up to 4 weeks before the course starts and receive an early bird discount of 8 %)