Victoria Hilinich

Master Viktoriia Khilinich (維麗亞), Dragon's Gate - Chinese Life Sciences  

Director of Ukrainian department of the DAOMAC Institute, Germany. Member of the Association of Sinologists, Ukraine. Interior Designer. Viktoriia Khilinich has a university degree as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) "Physician».

As a Master accredited by the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA), she conducts courses in Chinese metaphysics in Ukraine using materials from the Chinese classics. 

She is a frequent speaker at Ukrainian television and often gives media interviews. She executes design projects, involving paintings, fountains and the decorating of premises.

“The modern person who has reached an excellence - not tied to stereotypes, integrates into his life Eastern awareness & Western logic, able to use both successfully to achieve benefits in business, at home, in his personal life and health.”





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