As the founder of Seijunsha, Feng Shui Master Rikako Fujiki actively conducts both private and corporate consultation as well as lectures in culture centers. It was her rich overseas career as a diplomat’s wife that makes her pay in depth attention to the relation between someone’s destiny and his surrounding environments. In the course of those experiences, she has been attracted to the profoundness and accuracy of the Chinese Metaphysics. This led her to study the art of Feng Shui, Four Luck Pillars and I-Ching under Grand Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong. Now a professional Feng Shui consultant serving business and private clients in various countries, she is the first Japanese to receive accreditation of Master from the International Feng Shui Association(IFSA).  She also has a published translated Feng Shui book under her name. She has been back and forth between Singapore and Tokyo since 2010.






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