Kiitsu Yamamichi is the founder of Feng Shui Shan Dao(風水山道). He was born in a family with profound knowledge of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics, and has learned them since childhood. Graduated from Department of Indian philosophy, Faculty of Letters, Toyo University. Studied abroad at National Taiwan Normal University and Sogang University in South Korea. He performed field research of Taoism and Sendo(仙道)

in China and Taiwan. He follows authentic traditional cultures in Asia and his activities are highly evaluated and supported by well-known Feng Shui Masters around the world. His activities, including how to care about health(養生), expanded to academic institutions and corporations through teaching Feng Shui. He is highly evaluated by construction industries and environmental groups which take environment into consideration. He is the best disciple of CHUNG, CHIN-TIEN(鍾進添老師) who is a national treasure of five arts of Chinese metaphysics in Taiwan.






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