IFSA Chapters

IFSA Chapters are established throughout the world to facilitate the fulfilment of Association objectives. Chapters are formed by local community of Feng Shui practitioners who join in a co-operative endeavour within the framework of IFSA.

The IFSA Chapters’ main objective is to develop and enhance the image of Feng Shui, particularly in terms of worldwide acceptance and credibility as well as to achieve highest standard of Feng Shui competency and practices.

Currently 5 IFSA Chapters have been established and more are in the pipeline.

1. IFSA Australia Chapter

President: Master Janene Laird
Website: http://www.intfsa.org.au
Since: February 2010

2. IFSA Germany Chapter
President: Master Petra Coll Exposito
Website: http://www.ifsa-europe.com/en/
Since: November 2013

3. IFSA Japan Chapter
President: Master Kiitsu Yamamichi
Website: http://ifsa.or.jp/ifsa-japan-chapter-english%20%20 
Since: July 2017

4. IFSA Poland Chapter
President: Mr Jacek Kryg
Website: http://www.intfsa.pl/oddzialpolska_en.html 
Since: Nov 2017

5. IFSA Romania Chapter
President: Master Cristina Groza
Website: TBA
Since: Nov 2017

6. IFSA USA Chapter
President: Master Jen Stone
Website: https://www.ifsausa.org/
Since: Dec 2018

President: Master Vijayal Sunassee
Website: https://www.facebook.com/IFSAMAURITIUSCHAPTER/
Since: Nov 2019

IFSA Chapters are opened to IFSA members outside Singapore.

Guidelines on the formation of Chapters

1. To represent IFSA in serving its members under the respective Chapters
2. President of the Chapter must be a member of IFSA (Full category and above)
3. To pay a one-time admin fee of SGD $1,000 to IFSA
4. To pay USD $15 per member for annual issuance of members certificate
5. To keep IFSA informed on the Chapters’ activity regularly

For more information, please write to The Secretariat, IFSA
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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