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2024 Feng Shui Prosper Guide - Year of The Wood Dragon 甲辰年
Courtesy of Way Fengshui Group, Singapore
  •   Posted on 31 January 2024

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon.  Luck fluctuates for those born in the year of the Dragon as you are in clash with the Grand Duke this year. There are many obstacles and setbacks as you pursue your career or studies, but empowered by the Abundance Star, you will be duly rewarded for your efforts. Stay alert wherever you are, be mindful of your health and pay more attention to the elderly at home. Consider seeking blessings at your preferred place of worship.  

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Feng Shui Tips for Moving House
Courtesy of Master Ray Goh
  •   Posted on 27 Jun 2022

In our life, we may move home once or multiple times for marriage, growth, divorce, career, migration, changes, or various reasons. It is important to note that it is a vital step in our life as many things can happen during a transition of our homes or the place we live. 



How To Choose A Feng Shui Consultant
Courtesy of Feng Shui for Modern Living  •  Posted on 28 Oct 2020

Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant can be difficult. Nowadays it’s important for a consultant to be a member of an officially recognized Feng Shui organization. After all, would you engage the services of a builder if they were not a long-standing member of a Master Builders Association? Certainly not and the same should be the case with any Feng Shui consultant, as it does afford you with some assurance regarding their training, experience and standard of professional practice.


Singapore Feng Shui Central

Courtesy of Feng Shui for Modern Living  •  Posted on 28 Oct 2020

Understanding the five-element interaction of both the Productive Cycle (Wuxing) and Destructive Cycle are fundamental to the practice of Feng Shui and BaZi.  Many visitors to Singapore may not be aware of the hidden Feng Shui meanings central to some of the city planning and building architecture.  In this article, GM Dr. Stephen Skinner provides an insight into how a simple road intersection may be much more than it seems.



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