Chinese Astrology in Feng Shui

There are two types of calendars being used in China - Lunar and Solar, and there are also two ways to record the 12 zodiac signs, out of which only one appears on the Chinese luo pan.  Some feng shui techniques and areas of Chinese metaphysics refer to the lunar calendar, while others make reference to the solar calendar.  This unique setting causes a lot of trouble and much confusion to Westerners.  

So, does it make sense to use two sets of calendar?  There are 12 zodiac signs on the main circle of Chinese luo pan, does it have anything to do with ancient astrology?  What information and techniques are based on these twelve of the twenty-four mountains?  Is the division into four trigons the only systematization of the zodiac animals?  

Let’s hear the answers of these questions and more from Master Jacek Kryg at this webinar session.

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