Membership Application Form

Full Member

1. Criteria for application as a Full Member:
    (a) 21 years of age or more
    (b) at least three years’ comprehensive experience in Feng Shui practice; and
    (c) no criminal records
2. Full Members are entitled to exercise full voting rights in the affairs of the Association and is entitled to use the letters “MIFSA” Full members shall be eligible to hold office in the Association.
3. Annual membership fee is S$288 per annum, or $692 for 3 years.

IFSA Full Membership requires approval from IFSA Membership Committee.
To complete your membership application, p
lease submit the following documents separately via email to [email protected], indicating your full name on subject line:

1. Duly completed Membership Application Form (download form here)
2. A short CV for your feng shui journey
3. Certificates of your feng shui education
4. Certificate of business registration for your company, showing clearly the foundation date
5. Any other documents you deemed fit, so to validate your feng shui qualification.



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