Progress With IFSA

Inline with its mission of globally develop Feng Shui as a respected profession, IFSA seeks to enhance the profession's image particularly in terms of worldwide acceptance and credibility.  In addition, IFSA also strive to foster the highest standards of Feng Shui competence and practice, serve as a body of assistance to all Feng Shui practitioners.

Through the organisation of various feng shui events, IFSA encourage its members to stay in touch and constant connection with their fellow members, hoping to achieve knowledge and idea exchanges among members through networking.  IFSA also strive to set standards and provide recognition for competent Feng Shui practitioners who possess the relevant knowledge and practical experiences in the field of Feng Shui practice.

 The following are a few ways for one to grow with IFSA in the feng shui community:

(1) Master Accreditation.
(2) Continuing Professional Development Scheme 

For more information and to learn more about how you could progress with IFSA, please contact:

IFSA Secretariat


 Registration is now open!