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Theme for the next IFSC in year 2021 is "Chinese Metaphysics for Good Fortune and Prosperity", and will take place in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  Don't miss out!

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2023 Feng Shui Prosper Guide - Year of The Water Rabbit  癸卯年 
2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit. Those born in the year of the Rabbit can enjoy a fulfilling year as lucky stars shield them from difficulties.  Be  .... more
• Courtesy of Way Fengshui Group, Singapore •

Feng Shui Tips for Moving House
In our life, we may move home once or multiple times for marriage, growth, divorce, career, migration, changes, or various reasons. It is important .... more 
• Courtesy of Master Ray Goh, Malaysia •

How To Choose A Feng Shui Consultant
Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant can be difficult. Nowadays it’s important for a consultant to be a member of an officially recognized Feng Shui organization. After .... more
 Courtesy of Feng Shui for Modern Living •

 Singapore Feng Shui Central
Understanding the five-element interaction of both the Productive Cycle (Wuxing) and Destructive Cycle are fundamental to the practice of Feng Shui .... more
Courtesy of Feng Shui for Modern Living •

"For professional feng shui practitioner like us, the IFSA is an excellent international platform for exchanges of knowledge and sharing of experiences."
- Lim Eng Cheong

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